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Hello, my name is Constance Lee. I am a Third Year Student at the University of California, Irvine. I am a Psychology B.S. Major and am pursuing an Education Major.

Advantages and Disadvantages of being a student at UC Irvine

Listed below are 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages/concerns you need to take into consideration of being a student at a UC, specifically Irvine. The...

Top 5 Best/Easiest GEs to Take – UCI Edition

As a student, you always struggle to plan out your classes that fit according to your schedule or even find classes in general. Saving...

Top Soup Noodle Restaurants in Orange County

When the gray clouds are out, the sky gloomy, or even when it rains, you know what you crave. Some nice, soup noodles or...

Let’s learn about American Holidays!

It is always interesting to learn the history behind traditions, cultures, holidays because it helps us stay educated and aware. Below are some American-specific...

Top 2 Attractions in Southern California

Here are my top two attractions in Southern California that must be visited, whether it is with family or friends. You will not be...

Introduction to University of California Systems

Do you ever wonder how the University of California's were established or founded? Or how many campuses there are and what they are? Maybe...

Top 5 Must Go-To Attractions near UC Irvine (all in Southern California)

With today's technological development and accessibility to transportation, the concern of getting to places is not a problem to consider. If you are looking...

No regrets in indulging in sweet sweet treats..

The City of Irvine has top tier restaurants but it is no surprise that they have on par dessert locations and cafes that must...

Cuisine Culture – My Top 5 Recommendations in Irvine

The City of Irvine, located south of Orange County, has a considerable amount of restaurants that need to be tried out. The different cultures...

UC Irvine Dorming at a Glance – anteater housing

Dorming/Housing seems to always be of great importance for University students. Will you secure a spot? Will you become close friends with your roommates...

Anteater Involvement – Clubs, Organizations, Associations!

  UC Irvine Clubs, Organizations, Associations! Clubs, organizations, and associations are ways for students to deeply immerse themselves into college culture and feel a sense of...

Anteaters Represent, UCI!

A pride and joy of Southern Orange County, UC Irvine has proved to be a valuable gem because of the top tier education and...

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