Going out to Lansing.


As an international student at Michigan State University, I seldom leave East Lansing. All the restaurants I go out to eat with friends are almost exclusively restricted to the East Lansing area. Uber drivers mentioning that Lansing is dangerous does not help either. Yesterday, however, I decided to go out to eat in Lansing with some friends, and am regretting that I did not explore Lansing as I should have.

Lansing Shuffle

Lansing Shuffle is a food market with multiple restaurants in a hall. It is right next to the Rotary park/Riverfront in Lansing, and has a beautiful view of the Grand River.

Lansing Shuffle, Grand River view.

There are about six restaurants with a bar, but you could get Thai, western, barbecue, hotdogs/hamburgers, and even ice cream at Lansing Shuffle.

Lansing Shuffle Barbecue, self.

It is a great place to go hang out with friends, and the food is great too. It is crowded inside, but it would be better in Spring when the outdoor seats are open, as many people would go out to eat out side enjoying their view of the Grand River and Lansing.

Lansing Shuffle, shared plate, Self.



Hi. My name is Ilhan Ryu and I am a senior at Michigan State University. I lived in South Africa for 11 years, South Korea for 14 years, and the United States for about 4 years. I am majoring in Political science with a minor in international development.