UC Irvine Dorming at a Glance – anteater housing


Dorming/Housing seems to always be of great importance for University students. Will you secure a spot? Will you become close friends with your roommates and other floor/house mates? These uncertainties can be concerning but UC Irvine guarantees that these problems do not arise nor persist. There are many opportunities to be involved in the different communities and to form bonds.

Below are some takeaways of the dorming experience at UC Irvine:


American Campus Communities
  • These communities are located off-campus but you are still offered financial aid. There are even shuttle buses that transport students directly to the school (~15 minute ride).
  • Usually, 2nd year students, 3rd year students/transfers reside in these neighborhoods.
  • Utility is mostly included (depends on the community, however).


Middle Earth/Mesa Court
  • Priority is given to 1st year students because they are guaranteed to live here.
  • Biggest opportunity to make friendships and socialize (as seen by community facilities).



Arroyo Vista
  • Common for Transfer Students/3rd Year Students to live here, too.
  • Location is closer to campus and shuttle bus rides are also offered.
  • Greek life/houses are located which makes it an extremely lively and active community.
Hello, my name is Constance Lee. I am a Third Year Student at the University of California, Irvine. I am a Psychology B.S. Major and am pursuing a double major in Education.